Always, when a tourist leaves their own home or living environment, they arrive to someone else’s home and living environment. To a place where local people’s everyday life and festivities take place. It is important to appreciate and respect the host community and their culture at the tourism destination. Responsible tourist does not make local population’s everyday life or festivities more challenging or insecure. Instead, responsible tourist respects and appreciates local population, their life and living environment. It is good to show respect and appreciation not only in words and thoughts but also in practical actions like by taking into consideration the needs and challenges of local people’s privacy, way of life as well as space to practise their culture. Responsible tourist does not objectify local people but treats them like human beings, not as tourist attractions. Responsible tourist can take into consideration the host population and the environment at the destination by visiting the destination with open mind and eyes and with willingness to learn the local ways to behave.