Responsible visitors protect their destination’s local population by protecting themselves as well as following local and national health recommendations and restrictions. Responsible visitors travel, take part in activities and approach locals only when healthy. They also avoid unnecessary contacts. Especially in Sámi community, elderly people are extremely important cultural carriers and language keepers. A significant number of Sámi elders live in Sámi Homeland. Do not breach domestic privacy, not even unintentionally. Breaching domestic privacy causes unnecessary contacts to elderly people, and, thus, increased risk of being seriously infected. This especially so, as the vulnerable elderly people belong often to many risk groups and are often home alone during daytime. In addition, they may speak only their native language and, thus are not being able to converse with uninvited and unwanted intruders, causing further distress. These precautions and actions also apply to other pandemics and infectious diseases that propose a threat to human health.