Grazing Peace

In reindeer herding, the sanctity of year-round grazing peace, that is, sanctity of grazing at all times, must be guaranteed. Grazing peace means that reindeer herders are allowed to practise their livelihood without significant outside disruption, such as other human activity within grazing grounds. Grazing peace also includes herd peace, that is, sanctity of the herd. Visitors must also note that reindeer round-up-fences, herdsmen’s cottages and certain areas in nature, such as those used for feeding the reindeer are workplaces for people not involved in the tourism industry. As such, those places are off limits for visitors, for example, for reasons of occupational safety, and may not be entered without permission. Reindeer calving sites in particular must be excluded from tourism, and access as well as all tourism operations and activities to the calving areas must be completely prohibited during the calving season in spring, without the initiative or permission of the reindeer herders or reindeer herding co-operative in question.