One of the most visible and distorted symbols of tourism exploiting Sámi culture is a costume resembling Sámi dress that is also called a fake dress. This fake dress is a cheap imitation of an authentic Sámi dress. A fake dress is a cheap prop and a role costume worn during the role play. In this process, the soul of Sámi dress is forgotten and lost. Authentic Sámi dress tells a story of a living culture to the members of the Sámi community. General knowledge on the Sámi is very thin. For a visitor, it is often impossible to differentiate between authentic Sámi product from an inauthentic one or a product based on invented or borrowed traditions. For example, the use of so called four-wind hat is not an act of respect or recognition towards the Sámi. On the contrary, the use of a fake garment is considered offensive.
Inadequate knowledge regarding the Sámi and their culture makes it more difficult to recognise authentic Sámi products. Hence, visitors may be misled into consuming fake products or may misleadingly regard the authentic products as fake. In case of consuming fake Sámi products and gaining incorrect or inadequate information about the Sámi, a visitor may further multiply the negative effects on the Sámi and their culture by spreading and sharing fake stories and representations. Responsible tourists do not offend on purpose those whose homes and homelands they come to visit.