Economic Sustainability

Economic sustainability focuses on supporting local economies at the collective and individual levels. The basis of economic sustainability is to ensure that as much as possible of the income from tourism remains in the destination region. This may be achieved by employing the local Sámi workforce and through local business activities. Economic sustainability includes, for example, favouring locally sourced food and the utilisation of Sámi products, such as authentic Sámi handicrafts, and local services provided by the Sámi. The goal of economic sustainability is the integration of tourism and the Sámi community so that the financial benefits of the industry were to be distributed as widely as possible to the area. It is of great importance that those members of the Sámi community who are not involved in the travel industry also see tourism as a positive and beneficial activity and a resource for the community. Tourism also needs to support traditional Sámi livelihoods in order to be economically sustainable.