Disinformation and Misinformation

It may be challenging to separate correct information from the incorrect one in today’s huge flood of information. Disinformation means distributing incorrect information intentionally and knowingly. In turn, misinformation refers to providing and distributing incorrect, incomplete or harmful information inadvertently or due to ignorance. General knowledge about the Sámi is inadequate both nationally and internationally. When taking into consideration the general ignorance regarding the Sámi, their history and culture, disinformation and misinformation further increases the incorrect knowledge already in circulation and supports harmful practices that compromise the wellbeing of the Sámi community and the vitality of Sámi culture as a dynamic living culture. It is also good to realise that distributing incorrect information and presenting an unauthentic portrayal may have unexpectedly wide-reaching consequences, that affect the culture and cultural rights of not only the Sámi living in Finland but also those living across borders in Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Prior to visiting Sámi Homeland or Sámiland, responsible traveller gathers information on Sámi people and their culture using reliable sources.