The Sámi or Sámi culture are constantly used in tourism in Finland as passive decorations and props, local colour, or as exotic and primitive objects removed from their cultural context. If the Sámi or Sámi culture are not directly linked to the product or destination, the symbols of the Sámi, Sámi culture or Sámi language must not be utilised in these cases. All utilisation of and references to the Sámi or Sámi culture must have a direct link with and be in context of the Sámi or Sámi culture. Moreover, the Sámi community needs to give its consent to the commercial utilisation of the Sámi culture (including Sámi language) by the non-Sámi in each case. Outsider’s commercial exploitation of Sámi culture at the expense of the Sámi community deceives consumers, intentionally or unintentionally, to assume that the product or destination would be Sámi.