Sámi culture is not just a reindeer, a Sámi dress and lávvu, the traditional tent, even though tourism industry so often implies. There is not just one way to express and present Sámi culture. Reindeer, Sámi dress and lávvu represent only part of versatile manifestations of Sámi culture. Sámi culture is heterogeneous, rich and diverse. The Sámi way of life is adaptable to time and place as well as to prevailing circumstances, that is strongly affected by surrounding living cultural landscape and its utilisation. For example, the Sámi language, stories, music and the most visible cultural symbols such as the Sámi dress and Sámi handicrafts are closely connected, among other things, with traditional Sámi livelihoods, forming an inseparable entity in which each element relies on the others in order to remain vital and, thus, enabling the preservation, development and transmission of Sámi culture to future generations. For example, if one element of Sámi culture were to disappear, or if its area of activity were to be limited, this would have an immediate impact elsewhere.