One of the traditional Sámi livelihoods is handicrafts. The word for Sámi handicraft in North Sámi is duodji, in Inari Sámi tyeji and Skolt Sámi tuejj. Traditionally, Sámi handicrafts have been made to meet the needs in everyday life. These needs include, for example, clothing, shoes and other attire and accessories as well as boats, sleds, Sámi cradles, and wooden burl cups. Over the time, the making of Sámi handicrafts has adapted new working methods and technologies. However, these new means are based on traditionally used ways as well as traditional knowledge. In Sámi language, there exists its own vocabulary related in reindeer, reindeer antlers, nature, Sámi handicrafts and their methods. Only parts of that vocabulary have been transmitted into Finnish language. The natural transmission of traditional knowledge and know-how from one generation to another requires active and constant participation of younger generation in handicraft making together with the older generation.