The Sámi have traditionally utilised nature without leaving material traces on the fragile environment of the North. In the three Sámi languages spoken in Finland, there is no word for wilderness. Instead, the term ‘wilderness’ has been introduced to Sámi terminology while translating official documents. What may be ‘wilderness’ for a visitor, is home for the local Sámi people, and for many, also a source of livelihood or subsistence economy unconnected to tourism. While there may be no visible signs of human presence in nature, there is not a single place or area in Sámi Homeland that does not have a Sámi name and that has no cultural use or significance related to a season. The concept of nature held by visitors from other cultures may differ significantly from that of the Sámi. In case of the Finnish customary law of ‘Everyman’s Rights’, one needs to emphasise responsible conduct in nature, the limitations to these rights, and the importance of leaving no traces behind. Pure and healthy nature, which is one of the key attractions in Artic regions, must be preserved for future generations.